Dangerous Ingredients Found In Toothpaste

Recent findings caused an uproar when dentists began noticing pieces of plastic lodged in people’s gums. Those micro-beads that make your toothpaste look cool are actually pieces of plastic. If you are like most consumers you probably assumed they were made of a dissolvable safe substance, but micro-beads found in toothpaste don’t even dissolve in alcohol or acetone.

Our gums are sensitive and even if we cannot feel the microbeads lodged in them they are still causing irritation and inflammation. While having plastic particles in our own gums is scary enough, the truth is these aesthetic micro-beads actually appeal the most to children. These micro-beads are also going down our drains and putting tiny particles of non-biodegradable plastic into our water.

Petitions have been made to stop the use of micro-beads in our cosmetics. Until then we feel like it would be advisable to purchase a micro-bead free toothpaste to help keep our gums and water healthy.

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