Dr. Feurstein’s experience and expertise shows. He knows exactly what’s going on immediately with only a short and subjective description from me of the problem du jour I have described to him. I recently put off a fix for a cracked tooth he found, only to find that his and his assistant’s proposed remedy (a crown) completely abated the pain I was having, and now my persistent dental pain problems with an adjacent tooth and the offending tooth are resolved. Dr. Feurstein’s assistant, Rita, is as expert as he is. You will not have a better dental office experience than at Dr. Feurstein’s office.”

– Patti, Mount Kisco, NY

Every visit I have had to Dr. Feurstein’s office has been a pleasant experience. His amicable disposition and professionalism out do any other medical professionals that I have seen. All the members of his staff are equally pleasant and extraordinarily helpful no matter what my questions or concerns may be. His dental work represents the highest quality that a patient could ask for. My family and I have been with Dr. Feurstein since 1992 and will undoubtedly continue with his services for years to come.”

– Lucille Engelson, Brewster, NY

The whole family has been patients for many years. And there were many years when we required a lot of patience. From getting the little kids to open wide for cleanings and checkups to helping mom stay calm during filling and caps. A very clean, friendly and technologically current office that keeps us coming back for more. Thanks with a big smile. Laura, Ira, Danielle and Michael.”

– Laura South Salem

Dr. Feurstein is probably one of the best dentists in the New York metropolitan area. My entire family has been using him now for over 20 years (I think). He is very serious and committed to his patients. His work is always done carefully and with superior competence. Since he has a background in engineering, he loves new gadgets and always has the latest innovations in dentistry. He is also highly sensitive to patients with fears and is incredibly patient! In addition, he has a wonderful sense of humor. I highly recommend him and am positive that you will be more than satisfied with the results.”

– Kathy Laska

Dr. Feurstein has been our dentist for over 15 years. He always makes himself available to us (even for emergencies) and has a great deal of passion and concern for the well-being of his patients.”

– Michelle and Ira Bergenfeld

I first met Dr.Feurstein back in 1995. At the time, I was working for WVIP radio and Dr. Feurstein came on air offering a series of informational dental hints. Needless to say, I was thankful for the information and impressed with his demeanor. He has been my dentist ever since.

Stuart is an excellent dentist and I can’t say enough about his ability to make his patients feel welcomed and comfortable. I have watched his practice grow leap and bounds over the years but still, he remains the humble and warm gentleman that I met way back when.

Over the years I’ve met many of his patients, (it is a small community) and everyone feels precisely as I do. Thanks Doc, Rita & Elaine for making my experience a positive one.”

– Scott Goldman, Katonah, NY

I am a happy customer with a confident smile and I attribute this to Dr. Stuart Feurstein. His Dental Care Business is highly customer centric. Respect for the individual is key. Before or during each office visit, current data is obtained from the customer regarding medical disposition, prescriptions and status for effective customer care. This information is utilized to better deliver a gratifying and satisfying customer experience. Courtesy, professionalism and listening to the customer produce high customer satisfaction quality outcomes. Use of current best Dental methodologies, procedures and practices, clean sanitary instruments, and facilities are among the satisfiers. Billing is accurate. Care does not stop when the bill is rendered, as coaching and after maintenance Dental care is provided as well. You may receive a “Dental kit” containing a complementary toothbrush, floss and toothpaste accompanied by either verbal and/or written recommendations specific to your specific dental needs. Scheduling is extremely accommodating and conflicts may be managed by email, email reminders, facsimile, telephone, cell phone and U.S. Mail. Finally, why would you not avail yourself of fine, gentle Dental care always professionally delivered at affordable cost? Make an appointment today and be on time and enjoy your smile afterward.”

– Mel Stringer